Saturday, August 9, 2008

A Little Dream of Mine

Last year I began digital scrapbooking and immediatly got hooked! But creating layouts with my pictures just wasn't enough. I wanted to design my own kits. I did some research and turned up completely empty handed. I thought "sheesh! this is one hard field to get into"! So, I kind of put that little dream on the backburner and started working on my next venture.
In March of this year I opened up The Emilee Grace Company - an internet based business that sells hip and trendy products for mom and baby. While working on graphics and things to use on my website I started to learn more and more about the photo editing program I was using - Paint Shop Pro. Suddenly, my desire to learn how to design digital scrapbook kits and elements returned and I started spending hours online searching for tutorials. Little by little I became familiar with some techniques and tools.
With my newfound knowledge, I began doing FREE blog designs. I couldn't charge because the kits I was using were for personal use but I thought "I could probably design some of my own things now". And so I did. I'm still in the very very early stages of design and I still do blog designs for free but hope to eventually join a Creative Team and start designing and selling my own kits.

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Custom Bling said...

This is great, you sound just like me! I haven't actually come back to the digital scrapbooking yet, though, but I also became more knowledgeable about PSP, etc. I created my own blog design, and I'm thinking of trying to create others, too. Right now I'm just working on animations and graphics that people can use on their blogs. You inspire me to get back to digi-scrapping, though, too! ;)